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Why Ferment It?

Many cultures worldwide consume plant-based raw fermented foods. The key reason for eating raw fermented foods is for consuming vital enzymes. These live bacterially fermented foods are packed with pre & pro-biotics, that build intestinal flora in the gut, to aid digestion and strengthen our immune systems and to assist with eliminating bad bacteria. Did you know that cooking food above 55˚C, unfortunately kills all enzymes in food?

What are Enzymes? 

Enzymes are the life energy within us. According to Hippocrates theory, people are only given a certain amount of enzymes at birth! When we become stressed, ill or fighting a disease, we lose enzymes resulting in many health issues.

Why is Fermenting Beneficial?

Our fermentation process involves mixing a combination of selected raw, organic fruit or vegetable ingredients with herbs and/or spices, along with a special blend of salt and/or rapadurra sugar and 12 pro-biotics. This fermentation process can take some time in our vats, depending upon the seasonal temperature and the ingredients involved.

Through this fermentation process, essential enzymes have been cultured. When consumed they predigest and break down food in the stomach. Most importantly, this then allows nutrients to be easily absorbed for the body. Dr. Ann Wigmore (unfortunately not with us anymore, however her life's work is very interesting and worth researching) recommends eating raw, live foods to replenish enzymes and rebuild our bodies. Fermented foods can also help dissipate sugar cravings as it is very useful fighting candida in the body.

Why are Fermented Foods more effective than Processed Pro-biotics?

When pro-biotics are processed the biofilm- a natural slimy substance surrounding the friendly bacteria and yeast, is destroyed. Fermented foods contain biofilm! and this biofilm makes a protective environment for the microbes to live in and consume while they travel through the digestive system. This determines fermented foods to be a natural, safe way to consume friendly bacteria and far more effective than a processed tablet.

Fermented foods are a superfood! Full of enzymes, friendly bacteria and pro-biotics able to support many health issues. As Dr.Mc Bride explains in the 'Gut & Physiology Syndrome' 

"Once you heal & seal your gut lining & once you make your digestive systme healthy & working again, you'll be surprised how many various symptoms in your body originated from your digestive system..."

Some health issues fermented foods can assist!

Obesity, IBS, digestive problems- constipation, diarrhoea, respiratory, dental decay, imbalanced immune function, UTI's, food allergies & sensitivities, fatigue, Autism, ADHD/ poor concentration, sugar/carbohydrate cravings, fungal infections-candida, skin conditions etc....


"All disease begins in the gut"

"Let food be your medicine and medicine by your food"